The Best Property Management Company in Bentonville, Arkansas

Pro X has been a leading property management company since 2009. We pride ourselves on offering quality service, attention to detail, and transparent communication to our clients.

Our experience proves that we know what it takes to succeed in the rental property market. We manage single and multi-family properties, as well as mobile home parks. We do everything in our power to make sure your investment dreams become a real success. Trust your rental investment to the team with over 900 current successful properties.

When you work with Pro X, you’re working with a seasoned property management company. We take care of the day-to-day responsibilities that come with owning a rental property.

Advantages of Choosing Pro X

Since every property is different, you want a property management company that embraces the unique needs of you and your property. Whatever your goals may be, you can rest assured that Pro X has the knowledge to get you there.

Our clients come to us with a variety of projects, both big and small. We look forward to the challenge of unique projects, and approach every task with a high level of professionalism and attentiveness.

Both our use of new technology and traditional methods allow us to personalize services for your investment property. Working with Pro X means your rental is always treated with the same respect we would give our own property.


Here are some of the top reasons to choose Pro X for your property management needs.

We Find the Best Renters

We know you want to fill vacancies quickly. However, you don’t want to rent to just anyone. The kind of tenant in your rental will dictate the landlord-tenant relationship. Our tenant screening process ensures that only the best renters occupy your vacancy.

With over 900 successful units currently in our care, we have proven our ability to place quality tenants. The renters we place pay rent on time, are responsible, and treat your unit as if it was their own.

Our team takes care of your tenant’s needs, so your tenants take the best care of your investment. You can stop worrying about tenant damages or dissatisfaction when you have us on your team!

We Keep You Updated

We know you care about your property, and handing the responsibility over to a property management company is a big decision. However, at Pro X we keep you updated about how your property is performing. You have complete access to all the data at any time. This means you don’t lose any control and can make all the changes you see fit.

With Pro X you know you’re getting frequent financial updates. Our monthly reports are made to suit your property and goals. On top of that, you don’t need to worry about losing any of the monthly reports since they are all made available to you through our convenient online portal.


We Limit Your Vacancies

When you work with us you don’t have to worry about advertising your property. We create successful and unique advertisements that give potential tenants all the info they’re looking for. We make sure your ads stand out among all the others and our marketing methods are tried and tested.

Before even posting photos of your property, we make sure it is ready for the market. We take care of lighting, paint, cleaning, and more, so you don’t have to take on those extra tasks. When your rental looks its best, the photos are guaranteed to gain attention.

Pro X takes care of writing clear listings to go with those beautiful photos. Our online listings are not only posted on popular rental websites, but on our own website as well.

We Take Charge of Rent Payments

When you work with Pro X, you don’t have to worry about rent being collected and processed. Thanks to our portal, tenants can make payments online and these payments get transferred directly to your account.

This creates a stress-free environment for you by allowing you to check up on all rental payments as soon as they go through. You can also track any income and expenses through the owner portal, making rental payments a truly worry-free experience.

We Take Care of Maintenance Concerns

Property maintenance can provide multiple benefits to your property. We know it can be difficult to keep up with everything that needs to be maintained, and that’s where we step in! With Pro X, your property will undergo good maintenance when it needs it.

A room set up to be painted, with a tarp on the floor, a ladder, and a paint roller

We know that a well-maintained property is more desirable to current and future tenants as well as keeps the value up. Our network of professional local contractors are aligned with our values so you don’t have to do a thing when maintenance is required. Trust our quick and proven service to keep your property in good condition.

Not only do we fully trust our contractors, but we also often get discounted rates for continuous service. Since we provide local contractors with consistent business, we save you money with our discounts.

We perform scheduled maintenance, but also make it possible to quickly renovate and construct new projects when you need them most. Because of our customizable services, we’re happy to work with your preferred contractors.

About Us

Pro X is a full-service property management company that has been in business since 2009. Our team manages a variety of properties including single-family homes, multi-family properties, and mobile home parks.

With so many properties under our care, we know that no two cases are alike. That’s why our services are offered based on what you need for your investment. We promise to tailor our services to fit your desires.

We’re so confident that you’ll love what we can do for you, that we offer a 90-day money back guarantee. Do you want stress-free, tailor-made property management for your investment? Call the professional team at Pro X to learn more about how we can help your property succeed.

You can reach us by calling us at (479) 439-1711 or emailing We can’t wait to hear from you!