Our Story

At Pro X, our mission is clear: to build the world’s greatest real estate investing and housing system. We are driven by a deep desire to positively impact the lives of millions of individuals, helping them realize their dreams and build the futures they envision.

We believe in creating a system that empowers everyone to invest in real estate as a passive retirement vehicle, secure funds for their children’s education, provide essential medical coverage for their families, and focus on their careers rather than being tied down by investment management. Our goal is to grant individuals the invaluable gifts of time and financial freedom, enabling them to live the lives they have always imagined.

To achieve this, we have developed a comprehensive solution that caters to all aspects of real estate investment. From sourcing lucrative investment opportunities for our customers to executing new developments or rehab projects, we leave no stone unturned. Our commitment extends to maintaining investments at the highest level, offering a range of financial options to support our clients, and ensuring that their investments perform as expected financially.

We believe that real estate investment should be accessible to all, irrespective of their background or experience. By building a robust system that encompasses every facet of the investment journey we aim to eliminate barriers and provide a seamless experience. We are here to guide and support our clients at every step, making real estate investing an achievable and rewarding endeavor.

At Pro X, we are not just in the business of real estate; we are in the business of transforming lives. We are driven by our vision to create a positive ripple effect, empowering individuals to shape their futures and achieve their wildest aspirations. Join us on this incredible journey towards financial abundance, security, and the fulfillment of dreams.

Together, let’s build a world where real estate investing is a catalyst for endless possibilities.

At Pro X, our commitment extends beyond real estate investing; we are equally passionate about providing healthy, clean, safe, and affordable homes for millions of people. We understand that housing plays a vital role in people's lives, whether they are lifelong renters, downsizers, or temporarily seeking a place to call home while building their dream house. It is our sincere desire to meet all your housing needs to create a positive impact on your life.

We believe in supporting our residents holistically, going beyond the physical space they inhabit. Our focus extends to helping them build credit, offering home buying and real estate investment coaching, providing financial planning assistance, and offering any other support necessary to encourage their success. We want our residents to thrive and achieve their goals while living in a Pro X home.

When it comes to the maintenance and upkeep of our properties, we are dedicated to ensuring timely and complete resolution of any issues that may arise. Your comfort and satisfaction are of utmost importance to use. We strive to address concerns with a sense of urgency, making sure that you can enjoy your home without any disruptions.

We understand that life can sometimes present challenges and unexpected situations. During those times we approach every situation with compassion and empathy. We believe in supporting our residents through life’s ups and downs, providing understanding and assistance when it’s needed most.

Our ultimate objective is to provide immense value to everyone involved in the Pro X community. Whether you are an owner, a resident, a franchise, or a user of our software, we want to exceed your expectations and create an experience that makes you a raving fan. Your satisfaction and success are driving forces, and we continuously stive to deliver exceptional service, guidance, and support.

At Pro X, we are dedicated to creating not just houses, but homes that foster well-being, growth, and happiness. We are committed to being a trusted partner on your housing journey and providing a nurturing environment that allows you to thrive.

Meet the Team

Tyler CaseyHeadshot

Tyler Casey


Over the past decade, Tyler Casey has become a noteworthy leader in the real estate and property management industry. He is the founder and CEO of Pro X, a full-service property management company and real estate brokerage. His interest in real estate came about as a result of being raised around the entrepreneurial leaders within the Pittsburg community where he grew up. The past 13 years have been a whirlwind of various real estate ventures that have led to where he is today. Since purchasing his first property in 2008, he has grown Pro X to three corporate locations that manage over 900 units among those locations, has begun building a proprietary software concept, and is now legally able to franchise the business in most states.

Renee CaseyHeadshot

Renee Casey


Renee operates all aspects of the property management company while also overseeing the office. Renee takes pride in providing clean and affordable housing to the Pittsburg area. Her experience in the occupational safety and human resources industry has made her a value member of the Pro X team. Before joining Pro X, Renee was the Safety Director for a manufacturing facility in the pet food industry. Since then she has continued to do consulting in this industry. Renee received her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Human Resources & Safety from Pittsburg State University.

Michelle HarrisonHeadshot

Michelle Harrison

Director of New Development


Michelle is the Director of New Market Development for our Arkansas office. Michelle is a seasoned property management professional with over 22 years of experience. Growing up in Texas, Michelle has dedicated her career to the field, serving in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

Michelle's expertise extends beyond property management as she holds real estate licenses in all three states. Her deep understanding of the industry, coupled with her knowledge of local regulations and market trends, allows her to provide exceptional service to her clients.

When Michelle isn't immersed in the world of real estate, she finds solace and joy in spending time with her three wonderful children and a menagerie of pets. Her love for the outdoors is evident as she embraces all things nature related. Whether it's exploring hiking trails, camping under the stars, or simply enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors, Michelle's passion for nature knows no bounds.

With her extensive experience, genuine care for her clients, and unwavering love for nature, Michelle is a reliable and trusted professional in the property management field. Whether you're a property owner seeking expert guidance or a tenant looking for a place to call home, Michelle's dedication and expertise will ensure a seamless and satisfying experience.

Josephine BranhamHeadshot

Josephine Branham

Leasing Coordinator

jbranham@proxproperty.com 479-439-1711 Ext 110

Josephine is the esteemed Leasing Coordinator for Pro X Property Management Bentonville team. Since beginning her career in 2010, she has garnered a wealth of experience, specializing in both Multifamily and Residential Property Management. Josephine’s portfolio showcases her versatility, with expertise spanning military housing, conventional housing, student accommodations, and residential homes. Joining Pro X in September 2023, she quickly became recognized for her unwavering dedication, hard work, and innate ability to foster genuine connections. With a profound commitment to her clients, Josephine takes pride in meticulously matching the perfect resident to their ideal home.